Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


Technical Properties

Flow (DIN 1060 Test) 230-260mm
Compacted set Density 2000 – 2100 kg/cubic meter
BRE Impact Test Less than 2mm
Flexural Strength 4-6 N/square mm
Dry Shinkage Typically Less than 0.02%
Time to light foot trafficking 24 hours
Drying Time (with no heat) 1 day/mm
Fire rating Non Combustible
Thermal expansion coefficient 0.01 mm/mk
Setting time Not less than 6 hours
Weight 20-21kg per m2 per 10mm screed poured
ie: 35mm of Easy Screed weighs 70-73.5kg /m2
Wet Density 2100-2200 kg/m³
Dry Density 2000-2100 kg/m³
pH 11-12
Thermal Conductivity 1.4W/mC
Safety Information Non-Hazardous
U-Value (based on 50mm screed) 0.058m²ºC/W
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