What depth and when to pour?

What depth and when to pour?


Deciding screed thickness

  • With underfloor heating we recommend pouring between 35mm and 50mm of Truflow Screed. This depth includes the diameter of the pipe. Deciding the final thickness will be defined by a number of factors including the size and diameter of the underfloor heating pipe, how the pipe will be installed (clipping or track system) and the choice of insulation. Our minimum requirement is 20mm coverage over the highest point. Please discuss your plans further with our team.
  • As a finishing screed with no underfloor heating
    We suggest that you install a 35mm screed, if there is no underfloor heating being installed. From a strength point of view there is no need to install any deeper. 35mm of Truflow Screed can be installed over up to 200mm of insulation.
  • As a levelling screed
    Truflow Screed can be poured from 10mm at the lowest point as a levelling screed. A site inspection is required prior to installation of the levelling screed, to determine the type of preparation the sub-floor requires.

Below is a reference list of the most common screed applications

Floor Level House Type Sub-floor Depth of Insulation Suggested Insulation type Underfloor heating Depth of Truflow Screed View Floor Profile
Ground Floor New Build Concrete Up to 200mm Combination of white polystyrene & high density insulation Yes Clipped into insulation 35 – 50mm Ground Floor Standard / Ground Floor A-Rated
Ground Floor Retro-fit Concrete 10mm Triso-Sols or similar Yes
Cable-tied to A142 Mesh
0mm Ground Floor Triso Insulation
First Floor New Build Joist & Ply 8mm Ethafaom Soundproofing Mat Yes 40mm First Floor Ethafoam Sound Proofing
First Floor New Build Joist & Ply 10mm Enkasonic Acoustic Mat Yes Cable-tied to A142 Mesh 40mm First Floor Enkasonic Soundproofing
First Floor New Build Concrete Slab As required by client High density Polyurethane Insulation or similar Yes 35mm – 50mm

When to install?

In all builds, we recommend that Truflow Screed is installed once the building is fully sealed and ideally with the internal plastering complete. Because of the simple installation process for Truflow Screed, it allows for the full construction of the house before installation of underfloor heating pipes, minimising any potential damage to the heating system.

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