Where can Truflow Screed be used?

 Where can truflow Screed be used?


Truflow Screed is ideal for use in three key applications:

  1. As a topping over both electric & water underfloor heating pipes.
  2. As a levelling screed over existing concrete sub-floors.
  3. As a finishing screed over insulation.

Our unique, compact pumping system allows for the easy installation of screeds, even in the most difficult of locations, from multi-storey apartment blocks, to remote locations.

Advantages:1. Delivered factory-produced and ready for immediate application.
2. Allows a rapid rate of application of up to 2000 m2 per day.
3. Laid only by Tarmac approved Contractors.
4. Normally accessible to foot traffic within 24 hours.
5. Self-compacting without segregation.
6. Permits the designer to use lower minimum thicknesses compared to traditional cement sand screed systems.
7. Minimal need for joints.
8. Soundness category A according to BS 8204: Part 1 (BRE Screed Test).
9. Class SR2 surface regularity (≤ 5 mm in 3 m length).
10. Protein free, will not harbour bacteria

 Construction Type Ground Floor First Floor
 Block House  
 Timber Frame Construction
 Renovation over existing concrete floor
 Renovation over existing timber floor
 New installation Over Joists and Ply
 Levelling of uneven surface

Further details of our suggested floor profiles, can be found in our Professional Area. These include recommendations on thermal and acoustic solutions for ground and first floor, in new and existing builds in conjunction with Easy Screed.

Timber frame houses

Truflow Screed can be poured on both the ground and first floor of timber-framed houses. As it is installed at a lesser thickness than standard screeds, it is weight-saving and therefore generally suited to first floor applications with underfloor heating. Easy Screed weight 20kg per m² for every 10mm of material installed, for example 35mm Easy Screed, weight 70kg/m². Please ensure you check the weights with you engineer.

In all installations over timber joists with ply covering, we recommend the installation of an acoustic/soundproofing mat beneath the underfloor heating to help reduce sound transmissions between the floors of the house. See our soundproofing section for further product information.

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