Ethafoam is a resilient layer installed to isolate the screed from timber floors and structural concrete slabs. It is used to reduce the impact sound by limiting the amount of vibrations transmitted from the wearing course.

There is little preparation required to install Ethafoam. It is simply rolled out over the sub-floor and taped at the joints. It can also be turned up at the perimeter walls to finish above the screed, which helps reduces flanking transmissions.

Because Ethafoam has a plastic-type coating on it, Easy Screed can be installed directly over the Ethafoam, without the need for a layer of polythene to be installed. To achieve the best acoustic performance from the floor, all underfloor heating pipes should be cable-tied to mesh to minimise the number of nails/clips being inserted into the floor. All such inserts increase the amount of noise transferred through the floor.

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